School Handbook

Students who are late to school, and those who leave during the school day will be charged with absences at the following rates:
· All tardies count against perfect attendance records. Parents are respectfully requested to see that students arrive on time and stay throughout the day.
· 2-4 hours of missed time = 1/2 of an absence
· More than 4 hrs. of missed time = 1 absence
Students who have been absent need to bring a note signed by the parent explaining the cause of the absence. The student must give this note to his/her teacher on the first day back to school.
Students not in the classroom at 7:45 a.m. are counted tardy.  Students who are tardy to class must get a tardy slip from the office.
Students have the privilege of using the transportation services of the Rogers School District. Rigid standards of discipline must be maintained at all times in order to satisfy safety requirements. Whenever a driver must direct his/her attention away from the road, danger exists. Foremost in our minds is the safety of each passenger.
Breakfast and Lunch Program - Tucker School is a participant in the National Lunch program (Public Law 91-248). This program provides free and reduced price lunches for those students who are eligible under federal guidelines. These programs are coordinated through the Food Services office. Applications are available daily in the cafeteria.
· Each student will have their own account established in the cafeteria. 
· Students will be required to make their deposits in the morning between 7:15 and 7:45 (a deposit is when a student is paying for more than one day or meal at a time). 
· All students who wish to make a cash deposit will need to do so by placing their money in a sealed envelope with their ID number and name written legibly on the outside of the envelope to insure that their deposit is credited to their account. 
· Checks will be accepted for meal accounts ONLY! (No change will be given at any time!). Exact change helps the lines move faster. Any bills larger than $5 will need to be deposited in your account.  ALL DEPOSITS NEED TO BE MADE BEFORE SCHOOL. 
· Student Identification - All students will be identified by an assigned school identification number.  (ALL STUDENTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO MEMORIZE THEIR I.D. NUMBER TO BE IDENTIFIED BY THE CAFETERIA’S COMPUTER.)
· Breakfast - the cost of breakfast will be $1.25. The cost for reduced breakfast will be 30 cents. Students who arrive late by bus will be allowed the opportunity to purchase a breakfast.
· Lunch - the cost of a student lunch is $2.00.   The cost for reduced lunch is 40 cents. 

If a student or parent has a concern about a school policy or an employee, the following procedure should be followed in order to resolve the problem as quickly as possible:
· Contact the person with whom you have a complaint to discuss the situation
· If the problem still exists, contact the principal
· If still unresolved, contact the Assistant Superintendent.
The following standards-based scale is used for all kindergarten through fifth grade students. This scale measures student achievement performance against the Arkansas Student Learning Expectations appropriate for specified grade level.
4 - Consistently exceeds expectations related to the standard (Advanced)
3 - Meets expectations related to the standard (Proficient)
2 - Progressing toward meeting expectations related to the standard (Basic)
1 - Does not meet expectations related to the standard (Below Basic)
A “lost and found” is maintained at school. Any student who finds an item should take it to the lost and found area. Students who have lost articles should check the “lost and found”. Putting first and last name on all personal items will aid in their location should they become lost.
Medications must be checked in through the nurse. No student shall have medications in their possession (purse, pocket, or backpack). School personnel are not permitted to administer medication at any time without written permission from the child’s parent or guardian. Medication will not be given unless it is in a
prescription container which has the child’s name, the dose, when it is to be given, and the name of the medication on the label.
Parent/Teacher conferences are held twice yearly.  Please make every effort to attend. If you wish to meet with teachers at other times during the year, please call the office to set up a meeting.
The following items should not be brought to school:
· Knives or any dangerous weapons
· Matches, lighters, tobacco, etc
· Gum
· Laser pointers
· Electronic equipment (CD players, MP3 players, etc.), toys, cameras, sports equipment, etc. should be left at home unless authorized for a particular occasion. The school will not be responsible for lost or stolen items. These items will be taken and may not be returned.
The school day begins at 7:45 a.m. and ends at 2:45 p.m. Children should not arrive at school before 7:15 a.m. Children must be picked up by 3:00 p.m.  At 2:45 p.m. we will begin dismissing students. If your child is a car rider, please stay in the car line. Please do not park and come into the building to take your child from the car rider line, or wait at the door for him/her, as this disrupts our dismissal routine and affects student safety. 
Tucker School recognizes that effective school discipline can best be achieved and maintained through the cooperative efforts of parents, educators, and students. Everyone has a right to expect a wholesome atmosphere that is conducive to learning. See School Discipline Policy JK.
Textbooks are furnished at no cost to the students. The student will be liable for loss of textbooks or damage in excess of normal wear. In the event of a lost textbook, the student will be required to pay the total replacement cost of the book before being issued another book. Damage to textbooks in excess of normal wear will be assessed by the teacher, and the student will be charged accordingly.
Students should not bring excessive amounts of money or valuable items to school. If necessary, valuables should be brought to the office upon arrival to school for safekeeping.
Parents are encouraged to visit Tucker. However, parents should make arrangements in advance to visit a classroom or confer with a teacher.  All visitors should check in at the office upon arrival to school. Visitors going anywhere in the school will need to sign in at the office and will be issued a visitor’s badge. This badge must be worn while in the building. Visitors not wearing a badge will be asked to go to the office for a badge.
When it is necessary for a student to withdraw from school, the office should be notified in advance. All fines and fees must be paid before school records can be released.